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Happy Angry Learning Blog

Happy Angry Learning is a blog, project development log, detailing of every reckless decision and thriving mechanism by Rohil Aniruth.

Socratic Questioning For Noobs

Socratic Questioning resembles - in a lot of ways - how our minds worked when we were kids. I’m sure most people have had the pleasure of entertaining the incredibly painful “WHY” conversation with a child. The kid is never satisfied by the answer. Why is (blank) like this? Why do I feel like (blank)? Why are (blank) this colour? Why do I get (blank)? Is (blank) real? But why?

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Artisanal Memes & Destroying The System

I hate infinity, I don’t thinking about things in terms of forever. Forever is terrifying. I think endings are important, and nothingness is important - but nothingness is also forever - so like my brain just hurts. I don’t like this. I don’t like infinity. I hate infinity.

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