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Project ENDALL

Project ENDALL

Endall Poster

The first (very early) build of this game is available here.

The Pitch

An asymmetrical, casual yet chaotic party (multiplayer) game.

Three space warriors must do battle with a planet-sized demon called 'ENDALL.'

3 players play as the space warriors. Alone they are weak as a team their abilities can assist each other in defeating ENDALL. It takes strategy and communication. 

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There is the melee type, which runs on the surface of the ENDALL combatting ENDALL's spawning zombies and performing close-range attacks on the eyes. The melee type also has the ability to create temporary force fields, sheilding them from damage.  

Poster by  James Berry .

Poster by James Berry.

There is the sniper who can also shoot healing power-ups (3 before cool-down) to the other members of the team. This character’s bullets do the most damage to the ENDALL’s main eye. This character is always airborne.


There is another airborne warrior, who is able to tank the most damage and is often used to distract the ENDALL’s projectiles. This warrior can also resurrect fallen team members. This ability is limitied. 


1 player takes control of the ENDALL. The ENDALL’s only spots of vulnerability are the eyes, which are also linked to its abilities.

The ENDALL can shoot projectile fire-balls, projectile spikes, spawn hordes of zombies and swarms of bugs. When an is eye damaged ENDALL loses one of it's abilities — until the center eye is revealed. Once the center eye is destroyed ENDALL is defeated.

Main Eye

Main Eye

Protective Eye #1

Protective Eye #1

Protective Eye #2

Protective Eye #2

Protective Eye #3

Protective Eye #3

The Story


The Gameplay

- Local multiplayer.

- It’s 3 versus 1game. 

- ENDALL strategically cycles through abilities in order to damage team players.

- Team players strategically use their ability and communicate to damage ENDALL.

- Controller mapped.

- Mac & Windows compatible.